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Time is your greatest asset.

Give yourself the gift of having a personal chef. Think of how much easier your life would be!

Let a personal chef do all the work so you can enjoy more time with your family or just relax after a long and exhausting day at work.

Come home to a nutritious, delicious meal customized to your preferences and taste. Think how much of your precious time you spend writing shopping lists, taking trips to the grocery store, standing in line and looking for a parking space. If you think about how much you spend in groceries each week and eating out with your family, you would be surprised at how great of a value it is to have a private chef.



Here’s what is included in the price of a personal chef:

  • Initial personal consultation

  • Menu planning

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cooking

  • Packaging, labeling and heating instructions

  • Clean-up

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